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After participating and documenting in the movement for many years, Jiménez decided to begin her work as an independent editor, co-author, and desktop publisher.

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Furthermore, due to her position as the secretary of the Comité Central, Jiménez was able to travel to the Soviet Union, and other countries, that formed part of the party.

Jiménez's active participation in Mexico's feminist movements, specifically during the post-revolution and second wave, allowed the activist to support feminist issues such as the legalization of abortion, equality, and recognition.

Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda tells us that through Mujeres en Acción Solidaria, specifically after the march towards Mexico's Mother's Monument (May 9, 1971), a march which demanded a change in the manipulation of Mother's Day and women objectification of the media, Jiménez actively began documenting demonstrations.

Another group that Jiménez decided to join, in 1972, was Movimiento Nacional de Mujeres (MNM).Jiménez decided to highlight "focus" on the worker's hands “as she cooked, cleaned the bathroom, washed by hand, folded clothes, wrote on her type writer, and used the sewing machine." Cecilia Fajardo-Hill claims, that Jiménez's work in this project was intended to “recognize” the “value of work in the home” which was an issue that many feminist wrote about during this time.The International Dinner Party, was organized by Suzanne Lacy to celebrate her mentor, Judy Chicago.Gabriela Aceves claims that, Jiménez's still photography, showing demonstrations by feminist, contributed to placing Mexico's feminist movement in a state of credibility, and a place where they fought for global women issues.Other photographic essays that she created were, "Ensayo Sobre Todo Trabajo Domestico" (Essay on All Domestic Work) and Cuaderno de Tareas.Ana Victoria Jiménez (born August 31, 1941) is a Mexican feminist, photographer, editor, and activist, that actively participated in the second wave of Mexico's feminist movement.She is best known for her archive, Archivo Ana Victoria Jiménez, which contains photographs, posters, and flyers that demonstrated or related to women activism in Mexico.Within the Communist Party, specifically the Communist Youth League, she was able to become the secretary of the party's, Comité Central (The central Committee).Also, during her participation in a communist party named, Central Campesina Independiente and Frente Electoral del Pueblo (Central Peasant Independent and Electoral Front of the People), Jiménez was arrested and detained during an operation by Mexico City police, which was organized with the intent of stopping radical activity by communist.With the FDIM, Jiménez and others constantly worked on bulletins for the group.After becoming part of Mujeres en Acción Solidaria (MAS), Jiménez's activism began to shift focus onto feminism.


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