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range from the short stories of such masters as Saki and O.Henry to modern novels, the consummate form of narrative.

range from the short stories of such masters as Saki and O.Henry to modern novels, the consummate form of narrative.

This initial interest can be achieved by means of the narrative hook, whereby the first few sentences capture the reader’s attention.

The hook can be dramatic, funny, thought-provoking, mysterious or controversial, just as long as it motivates the reader to turn the crucial first few pages..

He walked into the living room and sank into the settee.

That facial muscle had begun to twitch again as he stared at nothing at all.

Narrative essays, in fact, usually appear in the form of short stories or biographical anecdotes, and the author, just like the novelist, needs to appeal to the reader's emotions and draw him into a world of the author's creation. This lends them authenticity and allows the reader more easily to identify with the character experiencing the events.

The drawback is that the first person constrains the writer to one point of view, allowing nothing to occur in the script that the central character does not himself or herself directly experience.Narrative almost always focuses on some form of conflict: a conflict between people, between a person and the elements or between one person’s desires and conscience.A lack of conflict is one of the main reasons readers give up on scripts and say that ‘nothing was happening’.That journey is likely to be difficult, so her readers will need a map.They will need to know their destination and what the main stopping places are to be along the way.A descriptive essay creates a vivid The subject of description might be almost anything: a room, a valley, a person, a storm, an erotic experience.The important thing is that the reader feels he is vicariously experiencing something rather than simply reading about it – It was near midnight, and ever since dusk I had been tramping the naked moors, in the teeth of as vicious a nor’-wester as ever drenched a man to the skin, and then blew the cold home to his marrow.Then he looked at me, as if surprised to find himself at home.‘I can’t take it any more, Sue.’In the same way, characters’ moods and feelings should be revealed rather than described, an end achieved by using nouns and verbs more than adjectives and adverbs. Just watched him strut off to the kitchen in his socks.My partner, John, had taken a new teaching post at St.Giles’, a tough new comprehensive school, but after only a month it became obvious that the job was wearing him down.


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