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Plus, preview and grab my As a teacher, I try to concentrate students’ learning on activities done in class, because asking some students to complete work at home can be daunting.

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Therefore, teachers should stress the choices a student gets when completing their homework and that students get to complete the work that best reflects their own sense of self.

Finally, the teacher should praise students individually, as well as praise the class when homework is turned in on time.

If a student seems to dislike direct mandates, providing support such as, “I know that you value your learning and will find a way to demonstrate your abilities,” might be more effective than, “Turn in your paper by Thursday or it’s a zero!

” For others who seem driven by the need to please or help others, teachers might encourage students by stating, “I’m disappointed that you weren’t able to complete your work on time, and I know you will submit your work in order to show us both what you know and understand,” might work better than, “Don’t you want the credit for this assignment?

Use either your flashcards or your list of words, and make sure to get initials from someone who heard you say your vocabulary sentence. Do you copy your notes to help you remember information?

If you can’t get a signature, just explain when and how you said the sentences and we will invoke the HONOR SYSTEM! Then try writing two sentences for each vocabulary word.” Vocabulary Activity tasks students with answering a series of questions about themselves using vocabulary words in context.On the first page of this download students will list their vocabulary words and write their own brief definitions.There are a few other motivating factors that can help establish homework as a meaningful part of a student’s educational experience.Here are suggested steps a school, parish, department, or teacher might take to ensure successful homework completion.In each of their answers students must bundle, students can choose from a variety of fun and engaging activities for learning or reviewing vocabulary words.In addition to the homework selection sheet, the bundle includes worksheets for vocabulary homework ideas number five and six.Yet we only have so many minutes with our students, and we need them to practice the concepts and skills they are learning until the knowledge becomes ingrained.Most students have a homeroom, study hall, or other downtime during the day in which they could complete activities, they just have to be motivated to do it.Have fun and get creative – amuse me and impress me, but make sure you use your vocabulary words in context!As an alternative to the above “Write your Words,” use your vocabulary in your assignments for other classes – social studies essays, science notes, art descriptions, etc.


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