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It's a good discipline to have - can you sum up your whole story in four paragraphs (which equates to about 80 words)?

It means you have to strip out everything but the most important and interesting details.

It's not always possible to talk to somebody directly, so sometimes you might need to use quotes from other sources: perhaps a press release or a personal website.

That's fine, but you should make it clear where the quotes came from, so your audience understands.

Lots of research has shown that it is very off-putting to readers, who tend to click onto something a bit easier on the eye.

So use photos, bullet points, crossheads (like the BREAK IT UP one just above) or other techniques to help break up the page.Look back at this page and see some of these features in use, and think about how the page would look if they weren't there.Gone are the days when successful writers published a book every 3-5 years and then went into hiding.Make sure you quote them accurately, but don't feel you have to get every "...erm", "..I say" or "...yeah" in the report.You can tidy up somebody's words as long as you don't change the meaning.Writing stories for a website is very different from writing essays at school or from writing scripts for radio and television - it's even different from writing for a newspaper!Here are some of the key elements to think about when you are producing a webpage for your reports.Most journalists have produced a few shockers during their careers, but thankfully most have been changed before getting published!But here's a few that didn't, from various sources: One of the most important elements of a good online story is to avoid large chunks of unbroken text.We’ll take an exhaustive look at the current state of paid writing opportunities online; you’ll come back next week with a tiered publication plan. There will always be some luck involved in getting a pitch accepted, but we’ll go over exactly who to pitch, how to pitch, when to pitch, and what to do when your pitches keep failing.By the following week, you’ll identify your first 3 pitch targets. It’s time to take a closer look at craft, whether you’re writing essays, profiles, reviews, or features.


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