Writing Biology Honours Thesis

Writing Biology Honours Thesis-79
Our students initiate thesis projects that are a diverse as biology itself, ranging from cell and molecular studies, to animal behaviour and physiology, to behavioural ecology, as well as ecosystems ecology and oceanography.

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The average thesis length is approximately 50 pages long, and the median length is 40 pages.

Some projects will naturally require a longer thesis than others.

A good example would be an article from PNAS (the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

A thesis must be at least 20 pages long, not including references or appendices.

You need to register for at least one semester in BIO research.

Writing Biology Honours Thesis

The second semester could be through a different department, as long as you were working in the same laboratory for both semesters.

You will need two additional faculty members to agree to evaluate your written thesis, along with your advisor.

Your faculty sponsor can speak with you about potential readers to reach out to; the readers must include at least one person from a different department than your sponsor, and at least two of the three committee members should be from a Life Sciences department.

We support graduating Honors candidates with a two-credit class (EBIO 4980) offered every Spring, where candidates give a practice defense and receive support and constructive feedback from their peers. Students who complete an EBIO Honors thesis often report that this experience was the It allows engagement in your education in a unique and challenging way, and strengthens your development as an independent thinker and good communicator.

The Honors thesis is also a highly valuable asset for a number of additional reasons: The faculty members in EBIO are excited to invest in you!


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