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Tables are typically used to present raw data, not when you want to show a relationship between variables. They come in the form of graphs, charts, drawings, photos, or maps.

Figures provide visual impact and can effectively communicate your primary finding.

Tables present lists of numbers or text in columns and can be used to synthesize existing literature, to explain variables, or to present the wording of survey questions.

They are also used to make a paper or article more readable by removing numeric or listed data from the text.

Traditionally, they are used to display trends and patterns of relationship, but they can also be used to communicate processes or display complicated data simply.

Figures should not duplicate the same information found in tables and vice versa.Column titles: The goal of column headings is to simplify and clarify the table, allowing the reader to understand the components of the table quickly.Therefore, column titles should be brief and descriptive and should include units of analysis.A well-organized table allows readers to grasp the meaning of the data presented with ease, while a disorganized one will leave the reader confused about the data itself, or the significance of the data.Title: Tables are headed by a number followed by a clear, descriptive title or caption.Conventions regarding title length and content vary by discipline.In the hard sciences, a lengthy explanation of table contents may be acceptable.It may also help to think of the title as the “topic sentence” of the table—it tells the reader what the table is about and how it’s organized.Tables are read from the top down, so titles go above the body of the table and are left-justified.Be sure to think about what you want your readers to compare, and put that information in the column (up and down) rather than in the row (across).In other words, construct your table so that like elements read down, not across.


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