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Whenever you get a rejection, or even a "revise and resubmit," you can feel that like the only one who has ever had someone say something mean about your work.Our peers and colleagues are often reluctant to share their negative reviews with others.

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Articles I've written for newsletters and magazines have had more readers than many of my journal articles.

And when it comes to having our say, this is an important consideration.

And people with disabilities are not well represented among people who publish.

Yet this skill is often overlooked in graduate training. Graduate school is demanding even for the able-bodied. As a graduate student with a disability, you may have even less free time because the activities of daily living just take longer. Because in the academic world, publications are the coin of the realm.

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But you'll find that the advice I offer below also applies to other types of publications as well.

I often characterize publication as half skill, half attitude.

Don't fall into the trap of always trying to write for the "most prestigious" journal in your field. Send it to a journal that will be read by your colleagues. But thinking about the journal ahead of time will help you focus.

One of the most difficult aspects of writing is negative feedback.


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