Writing A Hook For An Essay

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These hooks are used for more analytical essays or essays that deal with large amounts of information.An interesting fact should pertain to your topic and intrigue the reader.

This should clarify your topic while still remaining interesting to the reader.Your job to simply analyze the question to the best of your knowledge while engaging the reader in critical thinking.For example, if you are writing a topic on the marijuana and its impact in the United States, you might ask: These types of hooks can be used in a vast amount of essay topics.Make sure it works well with your thesis statement, which is a statement that conveys your ideas in one or two sentences.For example, if you are writing an essay on the importance of the seasons in F.An anecdote should be a short and interesting story pertaining to your topic that stresses a human emotion.Many times in writing this will be humorous, but don't be afraid to use other strong emotions such as sadness.If you are writing a paper off of the 2008 financial crisis, you can start off: Some audiences can be visual learners and do better when the author paints a picture of the scene.As a writer, this can help create a clear image for the reader while establishing your topic.A well-constructed opener will ask your reader a question and make him/her want to find out the answer.Make sure your question is complex enough to not be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." These questions can even sometimes have no right answer.


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