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You'll learn new writing skills and techniques, and find new ways to express yourself.

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Each scene is inevitably tied to the one that follows.

Every climax is written to prepare the reader for what happens next.

Short stories simply are not long enough to employ the tricks, liberties, and style that novels possess.

We can't emphasize enough that short stories are different from novels. But you cannot write as a novelist when you create them. Length A modern short story is usually no shorter than 1000 words but no longer than 20,000 words.

To keep the story clear, interesting, and on track you must stick to one climax only. Each section or chapter can take place in a different setting.

The story may move from the downtown streets to a country farmhouse, then to a suburban neighborhood.

More than that, you're going to learn the aspects of every good short story as well as learn how to create your own wonderful works!

Their stories read as either an excerpt or a condensed novel.

It must have a cumulative effect to the reader and a series of climaxes that all point to the final climax in the book.

The novel must lead a reader down a path, taking them on ups and downs along the way.


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