Works Cited In An Essay

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If you are at the works cited page then pat yourself on the back because you are almost finished!

An essay works cited page is the last page with a list of the references or sources that you used in your paper.

There are many tutorials for how to create hanging indent, as well as paper templates you can download that have already been formatted. The following entries show the most common types of books: books with just one author and textbooks or anthologies. From here, you can export the citation in many different formats.

Many of our writers use End Note Web, which enables the writer to easily compile his list of references with the "Export" feature of EBSCOHost.

Your course fees pay for your writing center, so the writing center is usually free to use.

Works Cited In An Essay

The tutors are trained in APA, MLA, and other major forms of citations as well as have access to resources such as style guides.If there is no author, your citation will begin with the name of the source you’re referencing, such as the title of a book or newspaper article. Check out the image below for an example on how to export a citation in EBSCOHost.References are doubled spaced and have a hanging indention, which means the first line is not indented, but each following line is indented ½ an inch. Once you select the "Export" option (outline in the red box above), you'll see the following screen.The most common styles are APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). Printed or a PDF from a printed journal articles are treated more like an anthology than a book by a single author. Not all online works have a DOI, so don’t panic if you cannot find one, but if there is a DOI listed for a source in your APA paper, use it.APA is often the most common for science and social science classes, while MLA is predominantly the form most English classes and many humanities use. Newspapers give the same information as a journal, but notice the differences in how the date and page numbers are listed. Citing a basic web page is much like citing a book.If you have any questions about how to properly format a Works Cited page, Ultiusessay writers and the guide below should be more than sufficient to answer them.Firstly, you will want to know which citation style you have to use.Once the references are imported into End Note Web, the writer can then simply choose which citation style he requires and the bibliography will be formatted accordingly.Most colleges and universities have a writing center that students have access to.Most college classes require MLA format, but you should check to be sure.If the format is MLA, then you will need to create a separate works cited page and then put the title at the top and centered.


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