Winning Farmer Essays With 300 Or More Words

Winning Farmer Essays With 300 Or More Words-9
The Bt cotton seeds cost nearly twice as much as ordinary ones.

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Farmer suicides in India refers to the national catastrophe of farmers committing suicide since the 1990s, often by drinking pesticides, due to their inability to repay loans mostly taken from banks and NBFCs to purchase expensive seeds and fertilizers, often marketed by foreign MNCs.

RULES: Both poster and essay should portray the theme, “Missouri Farmers Care” and how farmers raise crops and livestock to provide everyday products.

Students can participate in either or both contests.

This linking of farmers suicide and biotech industry has led to negative opinions in public policy making process.

suggests that the arrival and expansion of GM cotton led to a campaign of misinformation, by all sides, exacerbating the farmer's situation; activists have fuelled the persistence of a legend of failure and rejection of Bt cotton with sensational claims of livestock death and farmer suicide, while the other side has been incorrectly pronouncing Bt cotton a major success based on literature that is actually inconclusive.


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