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In the second part, "The Airborne Toxic Event", a chemical spill from a rail car releases a black noxious cloud over Jack's home region, prompting an evacuation.Frightened by his exposure to the toxin, Gladney is forced to confront his mortality.White Noise is an example of postmodern literature.

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She manages the financial businesses of an ashram in Montana, where she is known as Mother Devi.

Before that she worked as a foreign-currency analyst for a secret group of advanced theorists.

Gray" in order to gain access to a fictional drug called Dylar, an experimental treatment for the terror of death.

The novel becomes a meditation on modern society's fear of death and its obsession with chemical cures as Gladney seeks to obtain his own black-market supply of Dylar.

Winnie Richards is a scientist at the college where Jack works, to whom Jack goes for information about Dylar.

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Janet Savory is Jack's second wife and the mother of Heinrich.

Wilder is never quoted for dialogue in the novel (however, at one point, it is said that he asked for a glass of milk), and periodically Jack worries about the boy's slow linguistic development.

Mary Alice is the nineteen-year-old daughter of Dana Breedlove and Jack's first marriage. He wants to create a field of study centered on Elvis Presley in the same way that Jack has created one around Hitler.

He has been married five times to four women and rears a brood of children and stepchildren (Heinrich, Denise, Steffie, Wilder) with his current wife, Babette.

Jack and Babette are both extremely afraid of death; they frequently wonder which of them will be the first to die.


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