Which Is The First Step Of The Writing Process For A Process Essay

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For example, an author may decide to write an essay about dogs.He could have developed his prewriting notes with information about three topics relating to dogs: Show dogs, working dogs, and dog racing.

The second step of the writing process involves drafting.

During drafting, the writer puts his ideas into complete thoughts, such as sentences and paragraphs.

Smooth transitions between paragraphs are important in creating a cohesive piece of writing, no matter the subject.

A writer should refer back to his prewriting to keep him on track and ensure that the piece of writing maintains its focus.

The writer organizes his ideas in a way that allows the reader to understand his message.

He does this by focusing on which ideas or topics to include in the piece of writing.The author must use his prewriting notes to determine a focus for the piece.This may involve narrowing the focus of the topic and perhaps identifying a purpose for the piece.The tone of the introduction will vary according to the topic.If an author is writing a personal narrative, he might decide to begin with a creative quote about his experience.On the other hand, if he chose to write a persuasive essay, perhaps he would choose to write about dog racing, arguing for or against this controversial topic.After determining a purpose for a piece of writing, it is easy to begin drafting.When writing an informational essay, the tone of the introduction must follow suit. A solid, interesting introduction sets the stage for the rest of the rough draft.An author should begin drafting the piece by organizing his notes in a sequence that will make sense to the reader.Although prewriting is the first activity you engage in, generating ideas is an activity that occurs throughout the writing process.During prewriting a writer will choose a manageable topic, identify a purpose and audience, draft a sentence that expresses the main idea of piece, gather information about the topic, and begin to organize the information.


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