What To Include In Methodology Section Of Research Paper

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Interviews are excellent tools to gather detailed information based on open-ended research questions, but they aren’t good for large groups.They consume a lot of time and your careful attention must be given.

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The objectives of your study lead to research questions (what you need to know to accomplish the objectives of your study).

Research questions lead to research objectives (the specific information that you must have to answer your research questions and thereby accomplish the objectives of your study).

The sample frame you will use, the sample size that you have calculated and how that was done.

How the sample will be drawn (how do you pick one respondent and not the other).

Many students follow a semi-structured format with a guide to specific topics that they want to cover in this conversation.

You’re free to follow other paths to clarify different points.

Your methodology explains how the data obtained will be analyzed and why this is the appropriate method for performing this analysis.

One of the keys to developing and writing a good methodology is to draw from the literature.

This section should appear right after a literature review in your thesis and follow from it organically to help you achieve excellent results.

Before writing it, take enough time to determine your research question and undertake your search to understand what other scholars can say about the same subject. Use these observations and discussions with your supervisor to set goals for conducting your primary research and making a detailed analysis.


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