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Like my cousin Vanessa, she inherited that name from my grandmother on my mother's side.As it turns out I did trace my name back to biblical times, Alex was a Saint.

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For an example of satire, see Jon Stewart’s A rhetorical question is a question asked in a form which does not in reality seek an answer but rather emphasizes a certain point.

We often use rhetorical questions in everyday conversation as well as in speeches.

I was given this name by my mother when I was born. I personally like the name for instance, when you say the name Anthony it stands out for some reason I don't know why but it does, one day I will I don't believe I inherited my name from anyone in my family on my mother or my father's side, my name is an Alex original.

I do believe in inheriting and shaping the meaning of a name.

I don't exactly know what he did to be a Saint, all I know is that Saint Alex was a Saint.

When I was about 12 Alex was associated with the Nickname Alex so all through middle school I was called "Alex Bologney Chesse and Macaroni" till this day I still hate that name.Persuasion empowers the writer to change the mind of the audience and to compel the audience to take action in a certain way.Persuasive tools are utilized by politicians, professional speakers, speechwriters, journalists, and poetry and prose writers.The Odyssey Oedipus Rex Oresteia Othello Overpopulation Paleontology Paradise Lost Philosophy Physics Place Political Science Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Pride and Prejudice Privacy Privatization Process Profile Proposal Public Health Public Schools Racial Profiling Racism A Raisin in the Sun Reflective Richard II & Richard III On the Road Romeo and Juliet School Choice School Violence School Vouchers Siddhartha Slaughterhouse-Five Smoking Social Work Song of Solomon Sonnets Sonnet 73 more...What can I say about my name it's Alex, that's my title, it tells you who I am.Literary terms have the power to create serious, comedic, or whimsical moods via tools of persuasion, poeticism, and wordplay. The variety of uses for literary terms spans across genres and is remarkably wide-ranging based on the goals or needs of the writer. One of the most difficult tasks in the world is making people change their minds.Most of us are stubborn in our thinking and stick to our guns when it comes to views on morality, politics, and our own personal lives.Rhetorical devices can be used to strengthen arguments which persuade and convince audiences.Poetic figurative language can summon emotions and visions of nature and the world in unique and compelling ways.They can animate a story with such wealth of detail, character development, and action that as readers, we are taken by a story, and feel as if the people on the page are real.Literary terms have a wide range of application, from the poet’s beauty, to the speaker’s persuasion, to the novelist’s story development.


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