What Is An Operational Definition In A Research Paper

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Partial credit may be given for measures that apply to different, but related constructs, e.g., a measure of ‘sadness’ reported when the construct of interest is ‘depression.’ And in order to earn full credit, make sure you are operationalizing the correct variable.

Before beginning the assignment, consider this example: Suppose the variable is You should find a research study about depression using the same skills you used in literature searching in module one; then examine the article to see how the researchers operationalized depression; and report how they operationalized it and provide a full citation.

Provide one operational definition for one of the following: Insomnia Psychosis Introversion Anxiety Quality of Life Academic achievement Intelligence Disability Variable Selected: Operational definition from a published paper: Citation in APA format: In part 2 of the assignment you will answer some questions about a hypothetical research project and demonstrate your understanding of how to state a hypothesis, the difference between the independent and dependent variables, the directions of relationships between variables, and confounding variables.

Answer the questions below about an experiment you might plan to determine the extent to which drug X improves mood in depressed people.

In the second part you will answer questions about a hypothetical research design Operational Definitions An operational definition of a variable is the set of procedures used to measure or manipulate it.

A good operational definition is clear enough so that an independent researcher could use the same procedure (replicate the research) and get the same results.

As with independent variables, whether or not something is a variable or constant will depend upon the particular study.

(Back to top)The outcome variable measured in each subject, which may be influenced by manipulation of the independent variable is termed the dependent variable.

A few things to notice are..the article, it said that 'depression is characterized by sad or depressed mood, a change in sleep and/or appetite, and increased thoughts of death." Note that, while this might be considered a An operation in psychology is often administration of a questionnaire such as the Beck Depression Inventory, and a variable might also be operationalized or measured by counting or otherwise measuring behaviors.

For example, one might operationalize the variable by the score on the 'Withers Binge Drinking Questionnaire' or by noting (operationalizing...) something like "participants kept a log of their alcohol consumption, and binge drinker was operationalized as consuming more than five drinks in one day two or more times in the past month." Going back to the example of depression, after further literature searching I found articles where depression was operationalized by 'score on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale"; score on the "CES-D" or 'Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression' questionnaire'; and 'diagnosis of a major depression by a licensed psychiatrist using DSM-V criteria for a major depressive episode." In your assignment you will have to provide an operational definition for a variable, and you should provide a citation that indicates a study where a psychological researcher used the operational definition.


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