What Is A Explanatory Essay

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On the whole, a descriptive vs explanatory debate is ambiguous, since descriptive essays are a type of explanatory/expository essays, yet at the same time, description and explanation stand as two equal but different ways in which information can be presented.

It is also not uncommon in the essay realm to combine two or even more types of exposition in one paper.

An explanatory essay can often be combined with other types of writing, depending on particular instructions in the assignment, specifics of each individual essay, or personal preferences of a writer.

When we define explanatory style of writing, we usually talk about formal vocabulary, concise and clear language through which we put our critical thinking process into words, specific fields of knowledge that an article or essay may concentrate on, accurate quotations, verified database, references to reliable sources, and the most important element: objective truth.

An explanatory essay, obviously, explains a concept, an event, a process, or any other subject.

This explanation is a picture of objective truth, not an expression of a subjective opinion of the essay’s author.

If you want to know all that and have that knowledge set you free, bear with a more formal tone of the text that is about to follow, listen closely, and take notes.

I will tell you about that explanatory style, the one that goes with essays, and in the end, you will be able to write in that explanatory style about that other explanatory style, the one that goes with psychology, and…

I know, I know, there is enough of that stuff at school, you are tired of pretending to be a writer, and all that jazz.

But let me ask you, do you want to deal with it, write your essays quick and nice and then just forget about them, be free and go out, or you want to keep struggling through them because you still don’t know what exactly you should write, how exactly you should write it, or what a thesis really is?


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