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In word problems, there are so many words that need decoding, extra information, and opportunities for students to solve for something that the question is not asking for. Why I don’t like it: Though I love the opportunity for students to write in math, writing a strategy statement for every problem can eat up a lot of time. Students having to defend the reasonableness of their answer is essential for students’ number sense. S stands for circle the important numbers, underline the question, box the words that are keywords, eliminate extra information, and solve by showing work. S stands for read the problem, underline the question, name the problem type, and write a strategy sentence.

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Indeed, as students move forward in their mathematical learning, they will need to apply problem-solving processes to more and more complex situations so they become college and career ready.

The first Common Core State Standard (CCSS) for mathematical practice focuses specifically on problem solving: Proficient students are able to explain the meaning of a problem and look for entry points to its solution.

The SQRQCQ method is particularly useful for children with learning disabilities and can be used effectively in special education programs.

SQRQCQ is an abbreviation for Survey, Question, Read, Question, Compute, and Question.

Use the formulas and/or equations identified in the previous step to complete the calculations.

Be sure to follow the steps you outlined while setting up an equation or using a formula. Once you've completed the calculations, review the final answer and make sure it is correct and accurate.Slow processing of information, followed by frustration and anxiety, will often lead LD students to try and get through math word problems as quickly as possible – which is why they often jump straight into computations in their attempt to make it to the finish line as quickly as possible.SQRQCQ is metacognitive guide the provides LD students with a logical order for solving math word problems.For many students who struggle with mathematics, word problems are just a jumble of words and numbers.However, you can help students make sense of these problems by teaching them problem-solving processes.Now that you've determined what needs to be solved, reread the problem and pay close attention to specific details.Determine which aspects of the problem are interrelated.Why I don’t like it: It can be a little vague and doesn’t give concrete “what to dos.” Checking that students completed the “understand” step can be hard to see. It doesn’t have a name yet, or an acronym, (so can it even be considered a strategy…?) but I will have the steps on an anchor chart in my room. I have rolled this out to students, and it went decently.If it does not appear logical, review the steps you took to find the answer and look for calculation or set-up errors.Recalculate the numbers or make other changes until you get an answer that makes sense.


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