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Water Conservation Research Paper-35
December 2018 Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi | Mohammad Bagher Raeisi | Zeinab Hazbavi Soil erosion is recognized as one of the most important types of land degradation in the world particularly in many developing countries like Iran.

December 2018 Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi | Mohammad Bagher Raeisi | Zeinab Hazbavi Soil erosion is recognized as one of the most important types of land degradation in the world particularly in many developing countries like Iran.Water erosion is initiated by splash erosion triggered... Martinez Globally, attention has been drawn to the increasingly alarming rates of food loss and waste (FLW) along the food supply chain (FSC) and its contributions to the depletion of the natural resources and... Williams | Fanuel Laekemariam Land degradation is a major challenge limiting crop production in Ethiopia.

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The global issues of freshwater shortages and increasing demands of a growing population has led to interest in the academic community in studying water issues.

Mansor | Badronnisa Yusuf Rooftop rainwater harvesting (RRWH) systems can provide low-cost decentralized water to urban and rural households that have no access to treated water. September 2019 Kwasi Adjepong Darkwah | Joana Deladem Kwawu | Frank Agyire-Tettey | Daniel Bruce Sarpong This paper assesses the relationship between farmer characteristics and the degree to which nine soil and water conservation practices (SWCPs) are adopted by 300 maize farmers in Techiman Municipality,...

We regard urban trees as large-scale natural phononic crystals. Kurkalova The Emission Gap Report 2013 from the United Nations Environment Program showed that adopting conservation tillage such as no-till, as an alternative to conventional tillage, contributes significantly... March 2019 Sabrija Čadro | Salwa Cherni-Čadro | Mihajlo Marković | Jasminka Žurovec There are three major challenges for climatic data availability for Reference Evapotranspiration (ET0) calculations in Bosnia and Herzegovina: limited data availability, discontinuity of data records,...

December 2018 Mohammad Asadul Haque | Muhammad Jahiruddin | Derek Clarke The experiment was conducted during dry season of 20 at farmer's field of Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali district, Bangladesh to develop tools to reduce salinity impact in maize and to reduce... Integrated soil and water conservation is widely applied as a means to reverse the trend and increase productivity.

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Singh | Mehretie Belay Accelerated soil erosion by water is a critical problem in Ethiopia, where population is rapidly growing and extensive farming systems are very common with no or less preventive measures. September 2019 Christine Alewell | Pasquale Borrelli | Katrin Meusburger | Panos Panagos To give soils and soil degradation, which are among the most crucial threats to ecosystem stability, social and political visibility, small and large scale modelling and mapping of soil erosion is inevitable.... June 2019 Yujie Wei | Xinliang Wu | Jinwen Xia | Rubing Zeng | Chongfa Cai | Tianwei Wang Ultisols, widely distributed in tropical and subtropical areas of south China, are suffering from serious water erosion, however, slope hydrological process for Ultisols under different erosional degradation... Schoorl The evaluation of scale effects on modeling performance of sedimentgraphs as the ultimate outputs of the hydrological simulation is vital for adaptive watershed management. March 2019 Natalija Momirović | Ratko Kadović | Veljko Perović | Miloš Marjanović | Aleksandar Baumgertel In this paper, the assessment of the sensitivity of the soil in the rural area of Čukarica municipality to the processes of degradation is considered. March 2019 Guanhua Zhang | Jiajun Hu Laboratory-simulated rainfall experiments were conducted to quantify the effects of patchy distributed Artemisia capillaris on overland flow hydrodynamics. Mvuyekure | George Karuku | Geoffrey Kironchi Runoff farming is reported to improve land productivity and crop yields in hot and dry climates.

September 2019 Mohammad Ghorbani | Hossein Asadi | Sepideh Abrishamkesh Biochar is a product of pyrolysis of biomass in the absence of oxygen and has a high potential to sequester carbon into more stable soil organic carbon (OC). June 2019 Olga Komissarova | Tatiana Paramonova Agricultural land use in the area of the post-Chernobyl Plavsk radioactive hotspot (Tula region, Central Russia) has raised a problem of radioecological safety of obtained plant foodstuff. June 2019 Jiankun Huang | Yifan Liu | Yaguang Li Urban trees are usually planted on a periodic layout in the spatial configuration. Rainfall intensities of 60, 90, 120, and 150 mm h–1... This study was conducted to assess the available rainwater that can be harvested in a conserved catchment...


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