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CASE STUDY: This exclusive case study discusses how a multi-location auction company utilized an SIP solution that enabled them to capitalize on their investments in data and voice communications and maximize the performance of their IP.

TOPICS: Instant Messaging | Instant Messaging Software | Network Appliances | Network Applications Software | Network Infrastructure | Network Management Services | Network Management Software | Networking | Unified Messaging | Unified Messaging Systems | Vo IP TOPICS: Audiovisual Equipment | Business Continuity Planning | Instant Messaging | IP | IP PBX | IP Phones | IP Videoconferences | IP Videoconferencing Hardware | IP Videoconferencing Services | IP Videoconferencing Software | Mobile Device Management | Mobile IP | Mobile Payments | PBX | Privacy Rights | Private Cloud | SIP | Telecom Provisioning | Telecommunications Infrastructure | Telecommunications Networks | Telecommunications Services | Telecommunications Software | Teleconferences | Telephone Switches | Telephony Services | Television Broadcasting Industry | Unified Messaging | Unified Messaging Systems | Vo IP EZINE: How does Vo IP quality measure up to 20th century standards?

In this issue of Network Evolution, we look at what's driving Vo IP networking development, and what users expect when it comes to voice and video quality.

TOPICS: Cloud Computing | Cloud Management | Cloud Security | Network Architectures | Network Best Practices | Network Infrastructure | Network Management | Network Managers | Network Security | Network Security Software | Networking | Voice Communications Software | Voice Networking | Vo IP WHITE PAPER: This 27-page white paper compares the voice quality while being deployed in the cloud (cloud-based Vo IP) of 8x8 Google Voice/Hangouts, Ring Central Office and Microsoft Skype for Business Online while running on 4 different client OS pairs Apple i OS, Google Android, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

WHITE PAPER: A high-quality "voice cloud" is determined by not only the strength and robustness of its network's infrastructure but, equally important, by the expertise of its architects and engineers.

In addition, because of the high real time request for Vo IP network, the characteristics of network services and the security strategies applied bring challenges for the capability and Qo S of Vo IP network.

In this paper, the existing security threat and several security measures of Vo IP network have been analyzed, and the author put forward suggestions for Vo IP system deployment and related management policy.The purpose of VAD and CNG is to maintain an acceptable perceived quality of service (Qo S) while simultaneously … RESOURCE: Growing businesses need quick, agile communications systems that easily meet their needs.In this brief, explore 8 ways cloud-based Vo IP phone services can help your business be ready to meet its big business demands.TOPICS: Collaboration | Communications Diagnostic and Test Equipment | Communications Hardware | Communications Networks | Communications Software | Communications Systems | IP Telephony | Networking | Vo IP WHITE PAPER: Are you considering moving your business communications to the cloud, or upgrading your current Vo IP service, but worried about the level of security you will get?Read this except from Intermedia's technical white paper "Not All Voice Clouds Are Created Equal" about what sets Intermedia voice cloud apart from the competition.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.As a voice transmission technology based on packet switching, Vo IP is quite different from traditional telephone service which is based on circuit switching, which results in specific security issues on Vo IP network.TOPICS: Collaboration | Communications Systems | Mobile Device Management | Mobile Device Management Software | Mobile IP | Mobile Workers | Networking | Unified Messaging | Unified Messaging Systems | Vo IP WHITE PAPER: This Technology Adoption Profile synthesizes the latest research on the adoption of modern unified communications and collaboration technologies and the value that it provides to companies.TOPICS: Business Intelligence | Collaboration | Collaborative Applications Software | Communications Systems | Customer Interaction Services | Customer Satisfaction | Enterprise | IT Departments | IT Spending | Productivity | Project Management | Unified Messaging | Unified Messaging Systems | Video Chat Software | Videoconferences | Videoconferencing Services | Videoconferencing Software | Videoconferencing Systems | Vo IP WEBCAST: View this webcast to explore a cloud-enabled phone system that offers greater call, fax, and text message flexibility so that employees aren't confined to on-premise hardware to conduct business.


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