Violence In Video Games Essay

A kid that's about 16 years old still has the ability to buy a M-rated game at a store.

That's why he would like to see federal legislation that will treat the violent and gory games like guns, tobacco, and alcohol; Banning their sale to anyone under 18 years old.

This research states that exposure to violent games increases aggressive behavior in children and young adults.

It is also stated that exposure to these types of games increases physiological arousal and aggressive thoughts and feelings. There is no doubt that violent computer games may make a child adapt violent behaviors.

Sure video games are a type of artistic expression, like movies.

They both have rating in which show the level of mature content is in the production or game, but the ratings for games are not always followed.This brought to an end the playing of extremely violent video games to avoid such cases from happening.Also, violence may be caused as some children would like to emulate the game characters and use some fighting skills on their friends.According to David Grossman, a retired army lieutenant colonel, says that "violent video games such as Doom and Quake break down the natural inhibitions we have against killing." The military has begun using Doom-like games to improve the fire rates and encouraging soldiers to pull the trigger in battle.He states that violent video games prepare kids to kill and can even teach them to enjoy the experience. Video games possibly are modified only to entertain, and just like drugs they are highly addictive. Video games for fun may have an impact on some people which may be either positive or negative.Kids and adults alike, are more attracted to violent games.But is it the games to blame for how people act or behave around people or by themselves?Video games have changed our society radically, in which some people doubt it's for the better. Ever since the beginning of gaming, people have observed the effects of the games. households with children have rented or owned a video or computer game.


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