Values Of Life Essay

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It would have made a difference if the 11dollar savings had been passed on to the customers because they would've kept their reputation and integrity in tact and possibly gain customers that were not considering the vehicle.

A rational customer would not have chosen to save 11dollars to drive a car at risk of dying.

While money may not actually bring you happiness, having no money can certainly make you very unhappy.

In a nut shell, I can certainly say that money is more important and even turns out to be what sets the value we claim to be more important than the money.

They did not consider the stakeholders involved and when they did come into consideration, they were analyzed against profits. Their goal should not have been a race to make the most affordable subcompact car.

Their focus should have been to make the most affordable but safest subcompact.No one would buy a car at a savings without such safety items.However, these items are visible and known to be present and working properly.There are few characteristics of a disciplined life including; a strict work planning, choosing the goals wisely and remain firm and fast until the completion of goals and achievement of tasks. There is a great value of discipline in the lives of students.It helps them overcome failures, ensure success and better future planning.There are great benefits to a disciplined life for students.Firstly, discipline greatly helps a student in his academic success. A student is better able to understand the importance of his time.Discipline can be defined as the ability of a person to do a thing or complete a task in a per-planned and predefined time-frame.It is the exercise of best time management skills by an individual to complete the goals and finish the task in a timely manner.It is our assumption as a customer that the operations were tested thoroughly and the car we drive is safe.Ford would have been a very responsible and respected company to acknowledge and admit error in their design.


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