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There are many reasons the Wachowskis might have decided not to set the film in the United States—they might have felt it was disrespectful to the story to move it, they might have felt that the analog was too on-the-nose that way. Either way, their relative “timidity” for setting the film in England doesn’t seem relevant when all is said and done.As for the alterations to the narrative, they make the film different from Moore’s tale, of course—which is an incredible story in its own right, and a fascinating commentary on its era—but they work to create their own excellent vision of how these events might unfold.

To start, Alan Moore’s particular opinions of how art and politics should intersect are his own.

I respect them, but I don’t think it’s right to impose them on others.

(I also feel the need to point out that though no mentions of racial purity are made, we only see people of color at Larkhill detention centre, which seems a fairly pointed message in terms of white supremacism.) is a film that has managed to grow more poignant over time, rather than less, which is an achievement in its own right.

In addition, while many of the political machinations may have seemed to apply to American politics at the time, that wasn’t the sole intention of the film.

It reflects the importance of not allowing memories of punishment and discipline instilled by Norsefire to create fear in individuals and control their actions.

Hence, memory both collective and personal works in different levels in the text to contribute to the notion of change through rebellion.

Furthermore, the prominent line, “Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gun powder, treason and plot” which is in reference to one of the landmark rebellions of England’s history evokes a sense of collective memory in the text which prompts many of the characters such as Evey and even Finch to change sides and support V’s rebellion.

However, at the same time the importance of not allowing memory to constrict an individual is also depicted as V advices Evey that, “The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it”.

It is also a tale of great personal importance to me, both for its impact when it came out and in light of recent events.

With that in mind, this piece is more political and personal, and I ask that everyone keep that in mind and be respectful.


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