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Hello, I'm at the final stages of my Ph D and have been drivected to up laod the Ph D thesis to the Libaray website.

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Postscript 20 August 2014 From these FOI emails, and discussions with academics who have fact-checked this article and explained 'the way Desley works', Jackson has concluded that Luscombe ignited the beliefs and conversations among other professors who directly persuaded RMIT's Chancellery to refute its own evidence and formally state that the Snelling thesis, and its author, have no academic merit.

In 2013, Jackson's Australian Ph D failure was ignored by assessors at the British Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, who approved her 'post-Ph D' credentials to win a UK 'Exceptional Talent' visa until 2016.

Rowley and Burry agreed that Jackson's proposal did not have 'legs' and Burry contrasted his 'very slow' style of working with Jackson's 'very different' style; suggesting Jackson would be more successful outside of academia.

In emails obtained by Jackson from QUT and the University of Melbourne, Burry and other professors agreed that Jackson must not be allowed to 'gain credibility' in academia.

Booth's key decisions were that while there were 'clear indications that Professor Luscombe did not support' [Jackson or her academic roles and research projects], 'there is nothing indicating the level of bias or discrimination that would sustain a breach of the UTS Staff Code of Conduct or the UTS Responsible Conduct of Research Policy 'which embeds the principles of the national research code'.

He said that there is 'no clear evidence of any concerted campaign inside and outside UTS to undermine [Jackson and her research projects]. [Luscombe] did give non-supportive views.' Booth said that while Luscombe 'did raise the matter [of Jackson and her research] at one national Deans meeting, it wasn't a forum over which UTS has any jurisdiction and also has no direct standing in making decisions.' Booth separately clarified that his investigation excluded any specific analysis of the 'external' matter of Luscombe's influences on the organised failures of Jackson's Snelling Ph D at RMIT.

The university appeals committee unanimously found that the thesis was wrongly failed and began a process to have it re-reviewed.

RMIT's Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Professor Daine Alcorn, then led an exceptional process which misled RMIT's three portfolio (super-faculty) deans to shut down the appeal process, reject the committee and school's findings of earlier process errors, reject the committee's recommendation for the thesis to be reviewed 'in light of the examiner's reports', and instead officially confirm RMIT's support for Mc Carthy and Leach's claims that Jackson was not academically competent.


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