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This program facilitates self-directed learning, enhances interactions between students and fosters relationships between students and faculty.Scholarly concentrations provide a forum where diversity of ideas and perspectives are valued.If applicable to you, discuss how one of these concentrations would help you achieve your career goals.

How do you feel your particular experiences, interests, and passions will add to the strength and diversity of the USF class and ultimately to the field of medicine?

(2000 characters)Start by brainstorming what is unique about you and your background.

USF hosts a diverse student body, and about one-third of the school's undergraduates identify themselves as students of color.

A member of the Big East Conference, USF offers an exceptional variety of athletic programs, including basketball, football, bowling, volleyball, and ice hockey.

Do you see yourself performing community outreach here in the US? You are not bound to your answer, so it is ok to have reasonable but lofty goals. Detailing your goals in other professional spheres (if you have them) does not necessarily show your strength as a potential doctor and will not specifically answer this question.

Based on your answer above, create a cohesive overview of the attributes which make you a qualified candidate to realize that goal.Think specifically about which traits you want to highlight. Consider using anecdotes and stories from those experiences so that you can shine a new light and not be repetitive.2.(Optional) The USF Morsani College of Medicine’s Scholarly Concentrations program aims to support the educational development of medical students by providing opportunities for academic endeavors in areas of special interest.You will need to introspect in order to answer this question. Do you plan to be a full-time clinician or do some research as well?Are you interested in global health and medical work abroad?Accelerated Program Cross-Registration Distance Learning Double Major Dual Enrollment of High School Students Honors Program Internships ROTC, Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, Navy Study Abroad Teacher Certification Visiting/Exchange Student Program Washington Semester Weekend College An applicant's secondary school record, GPA, and recommendations are the important factors in the admissions process.Other factors include a student's character/personal qualities, class rank, application essay, extracurricular activities, geographical residence, standardized test scores, state residency, work experience, talents/abilities, volunteer work, and whether the candidate is a first-generation college student.Study Point is a national leader in one-to-one, in-home test prep and academic tutoring.The test-taking techniques and strategies taught in our SAT tutoring and ACT tutoring programs enable students to earn higher test scores and gain admissions to competitive colleges and universities.University of Southern Florida Tampa, FL (map) The University of Southern Florida is a public research university in Tampa, Florida.The USF System consists of four campuses, including the main campus in Tampa, USF Polytechnic, USF Sarasota-Manatee, and USF St. USF offers 89 undergraduate majors and 139 graduate degree programs.


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