Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay

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Plastics make possible many things people don’t recognize as plastic at all – like paints, protective coatings and linings, adhesives and glues, and sealants and insulation.Some plastics have additives that make them bacteria- or fire-resistant; or give them a rainbow of colors; or make them flexible; or fill them with bubbles to make them better insulators; or even add fibers to make high-tech composites.

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Also there is alot of animals dieing about like 100,000 animals dieing each year by plastic bags.

An estimated 17 billion plastic bags are given to British consumers.

We do not need this many plastic bags in the world.

The pollution caused by their creation alone is enough to warrant a ban on their manufacture and their use.

They use far more oil in their production and due to their thickness they take even longer to degrade.

How can the ban, therefore, be seen as having a positive effect on the environment? Plastic is non-bio-degradable and thus causes pollution; as it cannot be recycled, burning plastic diffuses harmful smoke. Plastic bags can prove to be a choke hazard for small animals and people.Plastic water bottles are also thought to be carcinogenic.Versatile plastics inspire innovations that help make life better, healthier and safer every day.Plastics are used to make bicycle helmets, child safety seats and airbags in automobiles.Supermarkets must be told by the government that continued supply of plastic bags will result in large fines, whilst those supermarkets who remove all their bags can be rewarded.Of all the sins of supermarkets, it is hilarious that plastic bags are the main cause of people's concern.From sweat shops, to over production; things which have much more disasterous consequences on the environment and people than misely plastic bags.The reality is, the environment argument is a smokescreen for people to moan about litter.The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilised in a far more effective manner.These two factors show that plastic bag production is a waste of resources, which could be being used in a far more effective way.


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