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The Dig I/O are connected directly via a resistor to the FPGA pins and therefore they are not protected.

For this reason, an application has to provide a protection circuit to the digital I/O of mv Blue FOX-M.

Generally this point is to choose on the master device or on its connector. In this case, a polarization of the pair must be implemented at one location for the whole Serial Bus.

Generally this point is to choose on the master device or on its connector.

USB Type-C devices also support power currents of 1.5 A and 3.0 A over the 5 V power bus in addition to baseline 900 m A; devices can either negotiate increased USB current through the configuration line, or they can support the full Power Delivery specification using both BMC-coded configuration line and legacy BFSK-coded VBUS line.

Alternate Mode dedicates some of the physical wires in the Type-C cable for direct device-to-host transmission of alternate data protocols.The four high-speed lanes, two sideband pins, two USB 2.0 pins and one configuration pin can be used for Alternate Mode transmission.The modes are configured using vendor-defined messages through the configuration channel.The mv BF-M-FC-S contains high capacity condensers with switching electronics for transferring stored energy of the condensers to external flash LEDs.It is possible to connect 2 pushbuttons/switches to the 8-pin header (CON3 - Control connector). There are two version of mv BF-M-FC-S: The sensor's optical midpoint is in the center of the board (Figure 21: intersection point of the holes diagonals).Type-A and Type-B adaptors and cables will be required for older devices in order to plug into Type-C hosts; adaptors and cables with a Type-C receptacle are not allowed.Full-featured USB Type-C cables are active, electronically marked cables that contain a chip with an ID function based on the configuration data channel and vendor-defined messages (VDMs) from the USB Power Delivery 2.0 specification.Long data or supply lines are to be routed through ferrites.In this case, a polarization of the pair must be implemented at one location for the whole Serial Bus.USB type C cable is also known as some Genuine USB cables: Huawei HL1289, LG DC12WB-G, Sony UCB20 cable and some others.I cannot locate the pin-out for the USB-485, 1-Port USB to RS-485 Converter in the users manuals or the knowledgebase.


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