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And if it ends, we'll always have those moments where "Friday Night Lights" reached deep into our guts, or brushed across our spines, and moved us in a way that few of us would have expected from a show about Texas high school football.

And unlike Eric going off to coach at TMU, this is a change in the status quo that doesn't ever have to reset.

They could very easily get through a fourth season or even (pie in the sky time) several seasons with Eric stuck coaching the runts of the town while Wade Aikman tries to ride JD Mc Coy's arm back to State, and it would still be "Friday Night Lights." (**) According to this very interesting interview that Jason Katims did with Sporting News writer Chris Littmann, Landry and Julie were both juniors this year, and would therefore be in play for a fourth year.

And for a good chunk of the finale, it looked like that someone would be Tim Riggins, and that he would be more than happy to be stuck under a hydraulic lift at his brother's garage, drinking beers, fixing cars and forever telling stories of the glory years playing with Six, Seven and Smash.

But Billy's speech about how one member of the Riggins family needs to get out of this town and make something of himself so that future generations know that it can be done was a lovely idea.

Matt Saracen is the most upsetting character of all time, and I honestly think we should all sue this show for emotional damages.

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was never just about winning; it was a show about coming back from defeat. exposed the dark side of our obsession with winning and all that comes with it.

, a TV show that has probably ruined you so badly that you never want to think about it ever again.

Well guess what, you have to, because the only way to be healed is to extract these feelings by bursting your heart open like an emotions piñata until all your tears spill out like candy. where someone isn’t breaking someone else’s heart, or crying, or becoming a paraplegic or making a devastating decision or having the shit kicked out of them because of a misunderstanding, or just getting like super muddy, the kind of muddy where it’s all on your face and in your eyes.

Last time (or not): Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

Some other thoughts:* I joked at the end of season one that a renewed "Friday Night Lights" would feature NBC-mandated changes like murder mysteries and Tyra and Lyla working at a bikini car wash.


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