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GIVEAWAY: Donna is excited to give away a free copy of her novel to a random commenter.Comment within 2 weeks; winners must live in Canada/US to receive the book by mail.The modern perception of critique is largely influenced by the discovery of prejudicial and authoritarian forms of critique; which, of course, championed the liberation of the “enlightened masses” politically and religiously.

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Finding a good critique group is like internet dating.

You have to be very patient and willing to endure a few (sometimes more than a few) bad encounters.

Her children started swim lessons last week, her mother-in-law is visiting Paris next month, it’s windy (cold, hot, rainy, etc.) outside, her favorite hairstylist is moving salons… She often has to leave the group session to take phone calls or return text messages. The manuscript has to stand on it’s own without explanation. This person, however, ALWAYS reacts with sullen silence to any kind of criticism. While helpful suggestions should always be appreciated, he takes it from advice to orders. The truth is, although I’m not proud of it, I’ve probably done most of these things at some point or other.

While I love the fact I’m more than just writing to my wonderful writing group, when we get down to business it’s ALL about the writing and that time is precious. The list serves as a reminder to not fall into these bad behaviors and to be the thoughtful kind of participant that others deserve.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same way about staying in the group. There are sometimes rainbows and unicorns involved and usually a strong moral message. Just watching the face of the person being critiqued tells the story. Of course, you are the ultimate boss of your own story and the editorial decisions are your own. All of this, when what you really need to know is, if the thing is dead or still hiding in the closet! Something someone said didn’t sit right and now she’s closed down. Because she misses so many sessions, she often doesn’t know what people are working on and readers have to “catch her up” every time before they read.

The worst example of this was a story I once read called (and I’m not kidding) “The Tree who Wanted to Grow Up to be a Telephone Pole.” 4. She wants to talk about anything and everything but writing. That said, you can’t look over the shoulder of an editor or agent when they read your story and tell them why. He always focuses on the little details to the exclusion of the things that really matter. We’ve all had those moments–at least emotionally–when it just hits us wrong. He always knows what’s best for your story including what the climactic scene should be, how the story should end and even where you should submit your manuscript. So that’s my top 10, but before name calling and crossing people off the list, it might be appropriate for a little reflection.

This guide looks at writing a critique essay (also known as a critical essay).

A critique essay looks critically at a particular subject, area or topic.

Any good critique always starts with the positive, and there are so many good things to say about experiencing the group that works.

It’s like having a deep conversation about one of your most favorite things in the whole world with your best friend/mentor/editor/cheerleader/mother all rolled into one.


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