Truisms And Inflammatory Essays By Jenny Holzer

Enthralled by their ability to display text in motion, she continued using the signs as they lent her words a neutral authority that the posters could not, as posters carried with them the connotation of anarchist protests.

She began her life as an artist as an abstract painter, inspired by many of the great painters of Abstract Expressionism.

The material of these signs—whether they be LED lights of the carved stone of her Holzer’s work centers around text and its placement in public spaces.

Using billboards, jumbotrons, lighted signs, and walls, Holzer uses city streets and areas of public interaction as her canvas.

Though the phrasing of these posters was original, she sought to tap into universal sentiments that would seem familiar as ideas.

“I want them to be accessible,” she said, “but not so easy that you throw them away after a second or two." Holzer’s work has always been intertwined with technology, and in 1992 she began using LED signs for a project commissioned by the Public Art Fund for Times Square.


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