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This course introduces all the main TRIZ tools : Ideality and IFR, Problem formulation and Functional Analysis, Use of 40 Principles to solve contradictions, Use of S-curves and Technology Evolution trends, and Use of extended knowledge-bases.

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In recent times, it has become apparent that corporations who seek innovative solutions to engineering problems are able to maintain a competitive edge in the world market.

The techniques of optimizing and perfecting existing products have now been applied widely and thus are neither able to help in keeping the leading position nor launch new products to create and capture new markets.

This directly results in improved product at reduced cost, Indian industries have been primarily borrowing technologies from West and Japan.

However, there are three main difficulties, TRIZ can help, in all the three cases, with quick results using fewer resources, to maintain a competitive edge and hold the market share.

He, therefore, set about extracting, compiling, and organizing such knowledge.

The collated patent database and subsequent analysis revealed a natural pattern of innovation that can help solve similar technological problems.This study was continued, by Altshuller and his disciples, over the past 50 years and has yielded a systematic approach to definition and identification of innovative problems, a set of problem solving tools, and a vast knowledge database, which can help solve current technical problems in an innovative way.Today, the TRIZ software database includes the essence of over 2,500,000 patents.He found that each of the most inventive patents primarily solved an inventive problem.Altshuller defined inventive problems as those which contain conflicting requirements, which he called contradictions.Innovations in existing products and inventions for new products, that too quickly and with fewer resources, will help in maintaining a competitive edge in an era of downsizing.Companies like Sony, (Japan), Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, 3M (USA) have all benefited by innovative strategies in the sense that more than 30% of their revenue has been due to products that were introduced in the last 2 years!This will lead to eventual improvement of the less evolved part(s).Such a continuing and self-sustaining process will bring the system closer to its ideal state.") is used whenever a new function is introduced or modified (either inadvertently or intentionally) and inventive "standard solutions" (and examples from patent database) are available to find an analogous solution.TRIZ methodology will be compared with other Creative and Innovative methods like Brainstorming, Lateral Thinking, Neuro-Lingual-Programming, Mind-mapping, etc.for their efficiency of overcoming psychological inertia.


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