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The play was written in 1916 at a time when women had started questioning the traditional roles thrust upon them by a highly patriarchic society.

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In addition, when the men observe the troublesome state of the kitchen, they immediately conclude that the woman must be at fault in her homemaking abilities because they all know John Wright as a good, dutiful man and in consequence form a unified front protecting John Wright's reputation. According to one definition, domesticity is the ability to keep a home in the purely physical sense, with a clean kitchen and well-sewn quilts.

In her final moments prior to the murder of her husband, Minnie Wright rebels against these standards of domestic prowess because in her eyes, her husband has failed to meet the second definition of domesticity, which depends upon one's ability to make a home warm and comforting emotionally.

Women had started to realize they were oppressed and it was up to them to speak out for their welfare. In the play we see the men trivialize the women’s concerns in typical chauvinistic approach to things.

The women are too timid to speak out their minds freely, but we see them bonding and joining forces to protect their own.

is a murder mystery in which the sleuths decide to hide the evidence of the crime and thus end by aiding the murderer, the play leaves open the question of the meaning of duty and justice. Hale criticizes the men for their heavy-handed methods of investigation, Mrs. Wright's sewing basket, they realize that her murder of her husband did not result solely from her unhappiness in her marriage but from an enforced return to solitude by the killing of her pet bird. Wright killed her spouse because she could think of no more fitting revenge than to inflict damage in kind to the perpetrator. Peters' sense of empathy, as she recalls having had similar feelings many years ago when a boy killed her kitten.

For men such as George Henderson and Henry Peters, the concept of law and order is intricately linked with duty and justice, and at first, Mrs. Peters, who is also the sheriff's wife, apologizes for the men because she sees them as performing their duty. Hale convinces her that true justice would involve punishing everyone who had neglected and isolated Minnie Wright, and that Mrs. For these women, the pain that results from the death of a loved one is so great that it deserves any punishment necessary.

The author has used the element of setting to cover time, location and events surrounding the murder.

The setting here not only supports the main background of the story but also justifies the props used in the play.

I believe the author wrote this play to highlight the plight of women during that time.

Women were starting to question their traditional roles in society and Mrs.


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