Training For Customer Service Specialists Case Study

Through modules, Changefirst can now offer clients a way to deliver its proven training methodology to a larger audience at a fraction of the cost.

Changefirst Operations Manager Nathan Brewer explains, "Now we can help more organizations implement lasting change successfully, at a more affordable cost.

"Not only has Storyline helped us cut massive training costs,” noted Richard, "It's also helping us retain customers and generate revenue streams." course that learners can access from anywhere in the world on their i Pads and computers.

The course's highly interactive content changes based on a learner's input, helping them understand how organizational change impacts their own work environment.

Tony Isaac, Instructional Design (ID) Supervisor, recalls having few software options back in early 2012 that were simple to use and would publish to HTML5 effectively. We quickly realized it was perfect for us," says Tony.

With the help of Articulate's Heroes community, the team plowed through Insperity's training library and even created entirely new training content.

And with 32 different languages spoken across the business, being able to translate content effectively is critical. Richard's team has recently been tapped to create a digital training program for Rentokil's customers.

The program allows customers to upskill their employees with specific training modules around pest control, health, and safety, and that means time and money saved on preventable infestations, contaminations, and infections.

And with Articulate 360 Teams, your organization will also get exclusive collaboration features, simplified management, priority support, and more.

Try a subscription free for 60 days to see if it’s right for your team—no credit card required.


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