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Some of them looked back at me with surprised big eyes.In my view, one of the purposes of TOK is to make students ask questions that they normally would not ask, and by the response that I got many of my students really never asked themselves this question before, in that sense I reached my objective.

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According to news reports, some visitors indeed turned on the blenders, killing the fish, making fish soup.

Animal rights activists complained, of course, and the police started to get involved as well. A few weeks before the end of the school year a student came up to me and asked me, seriously, “What is the purpose of life”?

The visitors of the museum now had the choice of turning on the blenders – or not.

The visitor, essentially, became the “rulers of the decision on life and death”, too use the words of the artist.

It is a powerful illustration on how a visual representation (sense perception!

) of numbers in the form of colorful dots greatly helps in understanding statistics.

There were all sorts of interesting exhibits, ranging from art work to the local food…

and of course there were also rooms filled with religious objects, handicrafts, clothing etc.

May need some context on the fact that Data is an android without emotions to help explain the clip but it speaks for itself.

Don’t think I’d use it with students but it explains some important concepts succinctly.


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