To Shoot An Elephant Essay

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Orwell sends for an elephant rifle, though he still has no intention of killing the elephant. With the rifle, he's led down to the paddy fields where he sees the giant elephant peacefully grazing.

Upon laying eyes on the elephant he instantly feels that it would be wrong to kill it.

At the opening of the essay Orwell explains that he is opposed to the British colonial project in Burma.

In explicit terms he says that he's on the side of the Burmese people,who he feels are oppressed by colonial rule.

At this stage Orwell has the clear revelation that all white men in the colonized world are beholden to the people whom they colonize.

If he falters, he will let down the guise of power, but most of all, he will create an opportunity for the people to laugh.[tags: Shooting an Elephant Essays] - “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell “Shooting an Elephant” By George Orwell reveals the story of events during Orwell’s service as a sub-divisional police officer with the India Imperial Police, in Moulmein, Burma.“Shooting an Elephant” By George Orwell reflects Orwell’s emotions of hatred, bitterness, and guilt felt due to oppression of Imperialism.He has no inclination to destroy something so complex and beautiful. But when looks back to see the people watching, he realizes that the crowd is massive—at least two thousand people!He describes the beauty and great value of the animal. He feels their eyes on him, and their great expectations of his role. But more importantly, he feels, they expect him to uphold the performance of power that he is meant to represent as an officer of the British Empire.He thus gets down on the ground, takes aim with the powerful elephant gun with cross-hairs in the viewer, and he fires at the elephant's brain. He fires again and this time brings it slowly to its knees. He fires again and it comes back up, dramatically rising on hind legs and lifting its trunk before thundering to the earth. Orwell goes to it and finds that it's still breathing.He proceeds to unload bullet after bullet into the elephant's heart, but it won't die. Without describing his shame or guilt, he leaves the elephant alive, suffering terribly.On this day, Orwell learns that an elephant has broken its chain and it is undergoing a bout of "must" (a passing hormonal disorder that causes elephants to become uncontrollably violent).The elephant is rampaging through a bazaar, wreaking havoc.The story begins with Orwell explaining his deep hatred for the role he took place in during his service as a police officer in Burma.He was not happy within his daily routine and began to feel intense hatred towards the empire, he served, the Burma people (yellow faces) and with his deep smoldering emotions within himself....


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