To Kill A Mockingbird Part 1 Essay Questions

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(You know, stuff like examples from the story and quotes from the characters.)If you need a little more help with the finer points of writing about literature, read 8 Components of a Smart Literary Analysis before starting your essay.With these quick literary analysis tips in mind, take a look at the following three important themes in To Kill a Mockingbird for a little writing inspiration.

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Similarly, writers include a theme (or several themes) to tie ideas in literature together. A theme is the underlying meaning of a literary work.

It’s what the author is trying say by writing the piece.

He emphasizes the fact that his children should not be judgmental and should be more considerate of others.

He also says: In the above quote, Atticus tells Scout that you can’t really understand what someone else is going through until you’ve walked a mile in that person’s shoes.

Ever watch one of those home decorating shows where the decorator asks, “What sort of theme do you want to go with?

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”The decorator is essentially asking about theme because he wants to know whether he should use elements of early modern, colonial, or maybe contemporary design to tie everything together to create that cozy, mountain retreat. Decorators need themes to tie the elements of a room together.The residents of Maycomb (where To Kill a Mockingbird takes place) are blatantly prejudiced and racist.This is most evident in the key storyline of an African American (Tom Robinson) who is falsely accused of raping a white woman.That means that you need read the book closely, so it wouldn’t hurt to take a few notes as you read (or re-read).You should also make sure you have evidence to support your analysis.As you can see, the themes of the novel aren’t entirely separate from each other. What is clear-cut, however, is the fact that Atticus Finch plays a prominent role in both the characters’ and the readers’ understanding and interpretation of the story’s themes.If you want to delve into his character a little more deeply as you discuss theme, check out the section about Atticus in All You Need to Know About These 4 To Kill a Mockingbird Characters or read How to Write a Character Analysis That Works.But you might not be sure what to write if you’re assigned to write a paper about the themes in To Kill a Mockingbird.If you’ve found yourself in this very situation, here are three themes in To Kill a Mockingbird to help you get started.A theme is not simply a plot summary or what the literary work is about.Thus, even if you read To Kill a Mockingbird, it could very well mean that you know all about Jem, Scout, Atticus, and Boo Radley and could write a superb summary of the book.


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