Tips For Critical Thinking

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Once we understand the nature of critical thinking, it’s easy to see where it comes in handy.Whether you’re sitting in a business school class, studying another subject or trying to make meaningful contributions in your job, deep and rational cognition is always useful, and will make you stand out from the crowd.So just how do you go about developing those skills?

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If there are more than five options, I sometimes have to close my eyes and point in order to pick one.

Unfortunately, this halphazard approach doesn’t really work when it comes to making more important decisions or problem solving.

Those who are afraid of being wrong, unfortunately, tend to avoid this potential outcome by thinking shallowly and glossing over the real facts.

This isn’t a good approach to school, however, nor is it effective in work, relationships or any other aspect of life.

If you want to possess the valuable skill of thinking critically, you must accept difficulty.

This ability is not prized because it is effortless, but rather because it takes time, diligence and mental elbow grease.Trying new restaurants while spending time catching up with those I love is one of my favorite things to do.But there’s one aspect of it that causes me some pretty unnecessary anxiety (not including the exorbitant prices for small plates these days): Choosing an item off the menu.What would I think if I had or hadn’t [insert experience here] ?Would someone else in my shoes think the same thing?If you can think about this process all the way through, you’re less likely to miss a step or leave something out. Any time you believe something to be true without considering it, you run the risk of incorporating your own self-evident truths and biases into your considerations.This is closely related to questioning assumptions.When you have two job offers on the table, for instance, relying on where your finger lands is pretty risky. This video will take you through a five-step process of how to do this in the best and most efficient manner. Clearly outlining exactly what you need to figure out. Abby is a writer, career coach, and health educator living in Portland, Maine.Nor is it helpful when you need to decide how to fix a potentially deal-breaking data glitch before your client finds out ( increase the probability that you’ll do the right thing. When she’s not trying to make the world a happier and healthier place, you can find her cuddling with her cats, hunting down the city's best coffee and grilled cheese, or dipping her toes in the Atlantic. Critical thinking comes with some risk of being wrong.No matter how carefully you seek an answer to a problem or question, you may not get there – or even if you think you do, your answer may not be correct.


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