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Virtual time capsule The 20th and 21st century is considered as a life of global technological advancements.It has made the life of people easier and convenient by the new technologies, ideas and ideals of life.

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His work was a true image of “The Age of Baroque” in Italy and France that used exaggerated motion to elicit drama, grandeur, and tension alike (Guisepi, 2007).

Music Throughout the existence of humanity, music has existed to move the human being emotionally and pump him up physically.

In both periods of Renaissance and the Age of Baroque, music could be found in the form of sheets or notes.

This could be a clear reflection of an era where the humanity existed without any advancement in technology that dominates the contemporary world.

Galileo, an Italian, helped revolutionize the scientific landscape of the era of Renaissance through his invention of the telescope and many contributions in mathematics and physics.

The nature of the Age of Baroque could be reflected in the time capsule by coming across the work of a philosopher of the time like ...?Renaissance Time Capsule As a cultural anthropologist researching the Renaissance and Age of Baroque I am very excited to announce the discovery of a time capsule with items of the era.It is rumored that there are two items each from the disciplines of art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature.Between 14, Konrad came up with a number of paintings that were a depiction of ‘The Crucifixion’.During this period of Renaissance, religious forms were widespread in the society because of a society domination of the Church of Roam and the Catholic Church (Kleiner, 2006).Descriptions of drawings or architecture Architects of the Renaissance time wanted to transform their status of professionalism from skilled laborers to artists.The architects of this era wanted to come up with structures that would be appealing to the human being both emotionally and reason wise (Kleiner, 2006).In this regard, one would hope to find in the time capsule notes and a set of plans on marvels like the Florence Cathedral among other great structures of the time that paved way for modern architecture.In the time capsule, works by Renaissance architects like Leon Battista, Andrea Palladio, and Filipo Brunelleschi could be a possible find.On the Age of Baroque, an example of a possible Caravaggio find would be one of Caravaggio’s paintings—an Italian painter who downplayed the pre-existing rules of painting and came up with a new way of doing his artwork.His paintings, such as the “Inspiration of Saint Mathew,” were a reflection of the emotional and physical aspects of a human being.


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