Three Tips For Writing A Good Cover Letter

Three Tips For Writing A Good Cover Letter-34
Don’t use the same cover letter for every application.

A lot of cover letters start with “To Whom it May Concern.” While this practice was once widely recommended, it has now become outdated.

You can skip the salutation line and dive right in to the heart of your cover letter instead.

Try a line such as, “I’m an experienced broadcaster with more than a decade of experience in radio and television production.” Grab their attention, and make them want to continue reading.

Three paragraphs should be enough to answer the important questions a hiring manager would want answered.

Try Jobscan’s resume analysis tool to make sure you have effectively incorporated the right keywords into your resume as well. Is there something interesting you can share that describes your relationship with the company to this point?

If you’re applying for a job at a tech company, you might take a sentence or two to describe your experience as a user or customer, a favorite feature, or a suggestion or insight.Here are 10 easy tips for writing a cover letter that boosts your chances of landing an interview.One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is to squander their cover letter by essentially converting their resume into paragraph form.Don’t waste the first sentence by stating which position you’re applying for.Instead, open with a one-sentence pitch that will convince the hiring manager they should consider your cover letter and resume.This redundancy doesn’t actually help the hiring manager decide whether you are right for the job, or convince them that you are passionate about getting the opportunity.Use your cover letter as an opportunity to tell hiring managers what your resume can’t.Learning how to write a cover letter that provides insight about your experience, desire to work for a company, and personality can make a big difference in how many job interviews you get.A poorly written cover letter can make you come off as lazy, and a poorly optimized one can come across as a copy-and-paste job which turns hiring managers off.Get a sense of the company’s culture and goals, and write your cover letter to reflect how you would be a great fit into.You can research a potential employer by visiting the company’s website, talking to current or past employees, and looking at employer review sites such as Glassdoor.


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