Thirteen Days Movie Essay

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Kennedy, however, is reluctant to rush into a military response that is likely to trigger nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

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The movie contains several similarities with the book. After the meeting, everyone realized that the Soviet Union was lying about the whole situation.

However, the most important similarities are the series of events that led to the whole ordeal, the influence of Adlai Stevenson, and the compromise that the United States and the U. They were in fact transporting nuclear missiles to Cuba when they promised that they were not.

Most movies that are based on books are often exceeding inaccurate, due to Hollywood directors trying to "spice up" the movie. In the book, it starts off with a meeting of the President and most of the cabinet. However, the movie starts off with the U-2 plane actually taking the pictures, which is not in the book.

However, Thirteen Days is one of the few movies that are not wildly inaccurate. After the U-2 flight, the movie then joined the book, where the President and the cabinet met together for the briefing.

They both seemed to target the younger male action crowd, when both movies are really made for a more intellectual audience.) I liked how the Soviets were not cartoonishly vilified, as is common in a lot of Cold War era films.

Thirteen Days Movie Essay

They were shown to be somewhat calculating and strategic, but not irrational or more importantly, inhuman.

It stars Kevin Costner as Kenny O’Donnell, Bruce Greenwood as John F. The film opens with White House staff learning that U-2 flights over Cuba had obtained photographic evidence of Soviet ballistic missiles being installed there. Kennedy agrees that the missiles must be removed as they give Moscow a ‘first strike’ option.

The president comes under considerable pressure to order air strikes or an invasion of Cuba.

Since a blockade is technically an act of war, Kennedy decides to call this measure a “quarantine”.

The president appears on national television to tell the American people of the Soviet missiles in Cuba and his response.


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