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Two final copies of the thesis must be submitted; both must meet all specifications of this manual.The two final copies should be submitted unbound in a box to the Graduate College Degree Certification Office.

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Just ensure they are in one of the suitable formats mentioned above.

Be aware that some of these utility graphing programs create very poor quality EPS and PDF files, which you may need to tidy up before using them in your documents.

was written to format letters with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto letterhead.

document preparation system have been in use in UCC since the mid-1980s.

For drafts, use the default Computer Modern typefaces.

Thesis.Cls Ctan

There are document classes (templates) under development in several areas. The new UCC layout mandates a specific set of colours.If you are on a shared computer (eg in a lab or terminal room) where you cannot create folders, ask the systems administrator to do it for you.Show them this document and explain that the files are all plain text, not programs or other infectable objects.If this is not enabled, or if it is not available, you This is a directory (folder) on single-user systems like desktops and laptops where you put all your local manual modifications, updates, and additions such as classes, packages, and fonts.The name and location are fixed: Create that folder if it does not already exist.runs on almost any type of computer system from phones and handheld PDAs to the largest mainframes and supercomputers, including your desktop PC or Mac, laptop, and office server.The software is free and can be copied without restrictions: contact the Academic and Coolaborative Technologies Unit (3.27 Kane Building, ×2609, or also has specialist packages for diagrams in many disciplines).\chapter Your thesis will be published by University Microfilms Incorporated, Ann Arbor, Michigan.Upon certification by your major professor, your examining committee, and the Graduate College, a copy of the thesis and a Special Abstract are forwarded to UMI.A copy is available from the Academic and Collaborative Technologies Unit.on Microsoft Windows are both capable of updating themselves over the network, and in certain circumstances of updating and adding new packages automatically or on demand.


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