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Following are the application areas of Wireless LAN: WANET stands for wireless ad-hoc network. This type of network does not require pre-existing infrastructures like routers and access points for communication.Each node in the network participates in routing and forwards data for other nodes.This technology is going to govern our life in near future.

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Mesh networking protocol is used for avoiding hub devices. Students from electronics and communication and networking field can opt this topic for their thesis.Now there is no need to install lengthy wires to set up the network. Wireless technology uses radio waves for communication rather than relying on wires.There are various topics in wireless communication for thesis, project and research.Routing algorithm and network connectivity are the key parameters to determine which node will forward the data.The nodes in the network are free to move as the wireless ad-hoc network is self-configurable and dynamic.Wi Max is designed to provide higher data rates upto 1 giga-bits/s. People have knowledge of Wifi but do not know about Wi Max. Tech students can choose this topic for their master’s thesis and do a research on that.Wi Max operates at higher speed, longer distance with more number of users than wi-fi. Importance of Wi Max Wi Max is important due to the following reasons: A Wi Max tower connects to the high-speed internet through a wired connection of high bandwidth.Following are the main applications of wireless ad-hoc network: It is an IEEE 802.16 based wireless communication standards and provides multiple physical layer and media access control(MAC) options.It stands for wireless interoperability for Microwave Access.It can also connect to the other Wi Max tower using line-of-sight service.Through this connection with the tower, Wi Max provides service to a large coverage area.


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