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For many people, a free theme seems sufficient and has the advantage of being free; however, there are some advantages to premium themes.

Firstly, premium themes are often better quality than free ones because the revenue generated gets funneled back into future iterations.

Marketplaces like Theme Forest and Creative Market have a variety of themes for sale, often categorized and with reviews and ratings to help you find the perfect theme. ) and Studio Press are more focused, but usually provide excellent support.

Choosing a premium theme requires a little more thought than just looking at the price if you want to avoid making a mistake.

We’ve previously written a more in-depth discussion on choosing between free and premium themes.

To start with, there really is no standard definition of “popular” when it comes to Word Press themes.If you’ve had to search for a Word Press theme recently, you’ve probably realized how many are available.There are thousands of premium themes all claiming to be the best for your site, but many are relatively unproven.The Genesis Framework from Studio Press is a powerful theme framework which enables both novices and advanced developers to build websites with Word Press.The framework provides a secure, search engine optimized platform for serious websites.We capped our list at 15 to keep the post manageable, but there are of course many other themes that could be included on this list, so your picks might be different.Without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of the most popular premium themes for 2016!With all of those themes vying for your attention, some names will seem more familiar to you.Premium themes typically become popular because they work for many customers and are well supported, so you can generally be more comfortable with laying out cash for them.From their front end page builder – Cornerstone – to their custom built extensions and page elements, this theme makes creating unique websites easy.Four distinct design styles (called ‘stacks‘) are provided as starting points.


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