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The problem with outsourcing is, those call centre agents aren’t your employees.They have no hands-on experience in developing the product, and they probably aren’t technical experts in your field.

Sure, answering direct queries is still a part of the equation but it’s not the only part anymore. In a lot of cases, outsourcing definitely seems to be the way to go.Sometimes our customers ask us, because the answer is key to their using Freshdesk for their tech support.Sometimes buddies, friends and entrepreneurs ask us, because outsourced tech support is still a hot topic of discussion in certain circles.You don’t have any control over whether the agents are going the extra mile to ensure that your customers are satisfied.All of your customer’s queries might be answered, but have they been answered accurately and completely? Outsourcing kind of takes that power right out of your hands. Round Four – Being ‘in touch’ When it comes to being in touch with the customers, you gotta admit that outsourcing doesn’t really put you in a position to receive direct feedback from customers.So here’s a head-to-head comparison between outsourcing your technical support, and keeping it in-house: Round One – Total Cost of Ownership When you outsource, it basically means you pay someone to hire support reps, train them, get resources and do everything that goes with it.Sure, you’re paying for calls to be routed overseas but in the end, with VOIP and less stringent telecom regulations, outsourcing your technical support is often cheaper than doing it yourself.And if you hadn’t outsourced it, well…you get the picture.Of course, there are ways you can scale up your technical support in-house without scaling up the team, so blindly outsourcing it or leaving the onus on your vendor may not be the best idea.And, more importantly, what kind of problems they should expect to be solving.There are pros and cons of outsourcing and one must consider those before taking the outsourcing decision.


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