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This has been the dominant view that, as will be described later, became the basis of the criminalization of the act.Many believe that this view resulted in the stigmatization of people involved in prostitution and made them vulnerable to different kinds of risks.Taken to its extreme, this view suggests that sex work is within the parameters of self-expression for individuals and an acceptable way of conveying sexual liberation.

This has been the dominant view that, as will be described later, became the basis of the criminalization of the act.

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However, this dominant view has been challenged, and in a few developed countries, there have been attempts to decriminalize or legalize prostitution.

For most countries and for most of the modern age, prostitution has been seen as a form of deviance, and many countries have had criminal and civil laws against prostitution.

In the first section, a definition of prostitution is provided, and acts that are commonly construed as prostitution are listed.

Conclusion This research paper discusses the many issues and nuances related to prostitution and is divided into five sections.

If it is defined as genital contact for pleasure, then a urologist is not a prostitute but an erotic masseur qualifies as one.

However, if it is defined as genital contact for pleasure that includes penetration, then erotic masseurs are not prostitutes. The fifth section discusses competing views on policies and perspectives to address prostitution that have evolved through the years. It will be noted that differences in how scholars view prostitution will possibly explain the differences and perspectives seen in research findings.A young woman maintaining a long-term sexual relationship with a “sugar daddy” may not fall in this category, while others may argue that this is indeed a form of prostitution.There is also difficulty in determining the number of partners one should have to be considered promiscuous.For example, the following was noted: A woman who had sex with more than 23,000 men should be classified as a prostitute, although 40 to 60 would also do.However, promiscuity itself does not turn a woman into a prostitute.One commonly held view is that prostitution is a form of social and moral deviance that individuals fall into.Individuals involved in prostitution are largely seen as lacking self-worth (Ditmore, 2006).This sample Prostitution Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. Some add that to differentiate prostitution from other forms of nonmarital sexual activities, it must be devoid of emotional attachment between partners (Mc Ginn, 1998).Like other free research paper examples, it is not a custom research paper. Others, such as Edlund and Korn, argue that an element of promiscuity must also be involved.


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