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Make sure you protect you and your participants by following the code of conduct of your profession and/or your academic institution.Your research should be important to you (and your colleagues or research group), however, it shouldn’t be prioritized over the well-being of others and/or the environment.As a researcher you should do your best to remain compassionate, professional, and also, to follow standards.

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At this initial stage however, we prioritise the enlistment of European military academies in the prize.

The jury will consist of seven European experts in the field of military ethics, offering a combination of field experience (the practitioner’s perspective) and the academia (the theoretical perspective).

Also, you need to be available to answer any questions the participants might have.

Participation in research should always be voluntary, so people need to know about everything that could contribute to their willingness to engage in your study.

Things are not always black and white with research ethics, if a few cases there are grey areas.

Ethical dilemmas are therefore a part of research and need to be openly discussed and properly addressed.We argue that what is required is a broader perspective, one rooted in an understanding that withdrawing and withholding life-saving treatment are different practices, the meanings of which are fully comprehensible only through an appreciation of their place within the practice of healthcare more generally.Such an account suggests that if one is to engage with the inappropriate protraction of life-saving treatment resulting from healthcare professionals’ disinclination to withdraw it, then the differences between these practices should be taken seriously. 2015-1-MT01-KA203-003728: Harmonisation and Dissemination of Best Practice – Educating and alleviating the concerns of Health Care Professionals on the proper practice of end of life care (ENDCARE).If a researcher breaches their institution’s established code of ethics, the consequences are often not only personal, they can be dire as well.For example, if one fabricates research findings, this act can jeopardize lives.Students must never assume that their research is exempt from ethics approval.Students who do not have documented University of Toronto ethics approval will not be allowed to proceed to their defense.Given that the absence of clinical benefit means treating patients is not only ethically questionable but also taxing on resources that could meet the needs of others, this ambivalence is troubling.Equally, the enduring ambivalence of professionals might be taken to indicate that the issue warrants further attention.In this paper, we review the academic literature on the ethical equivalence of withdrawing and withholding medical treatment.While we are not in outright disagreement with the arguments presented, we suggest that asserting theoretical and decontextualized claims about the ethical equivalence of withdrawing and withholding life-saving treatment does not fully illuminate the moral questions associated with the relevant clinical realities.


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