Thesis Of Life Of Pi

Despite all his family’s ideas of modern secularism, Pi is drawn to religion.

In his adolescence he adopts not only the beliefs of Hinduism, but Catholicism and Islam as well.

To him, the important thing is to believe in something, and Pi can appreciate an atheist’s ability to believe in the absence of God with no concrete proof of that absence.

Pi has nothing but disdain, however, for agnostics, who claim that it is impossible to know either way, and, who therefore refrain from making a definitive statement on the question of God.

You may have wondered how anyone could ever hold Hindu, Christian, and Muslim beliefs all at once. Stories and religious beliefs are also linked in Life of Pi because Pi asserts that both require faith on the part of the listener or devotee.

Surprisingly for such a religious boy, Pi admires atheists.

He says: “I just want to love God” (Martel 69) and will not choose between religions. Kumar, and calls him his favourite teacher, Pi isn’t comfortable exploring all the ideas of atheism or seeing how science holds its own beauty without need for a deity. I thought, Darkness is the last thing that religion is. (“Only platypuses, sir.”)(1.7.9 – 11) and finally explains: “It wasn’t for fear of angering Mr. I was more afraid that in a few words thrown out he might destroy something that I loved.” Pi’s education includes both science and religion; he comes to love both these disciplines but agnosticism – the suspension of belief (e.g., “I don’t have enough evidence to believe in God so I won’t commit one way or the other.”) – drives the boy bonkers.

Then, during his adolescence, he also discovers atheism through his biology teacher, Mr. He decides that atheists are his “brothers and sisters of a different faith”, but it is not a belief that he understands or chooses to explore. For Pi, belief is one of the most beautiful actions of human life. One can either choose a rich, dynamic life or a static, uncommitted life.

Likewise, each time a religious faith tries to claim sole ownership of God, true religion vanishes.

This story reveals a few of the workings of Pi’s complex religious beliefs.


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