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Data are being collected and accumulated at a dramatic pace due to the rapidly growing volumes of digital data.Data mining is the process of extracting useful information, patterns or inferences from large data repositories and it is used in various business domains.

The field of data mining and knowledge discovery has been attracting a significant amount of research attention.

An enormous amount of data has been generated every day.

Present some papers and your idea to your prospective supervisor and he/she will make some suggestions. First, talk to your thesis advisor before committing to a project. Secondly, just analyzing a new dataset using standard techniques doesn't make for a good masters thesis.

Researchers generally have a lot of knowledge about the possibilities and might even be curious about some things themselves. Your project is expected to use some sort of novel approach.

It involves finding valuable information and hidden inferences in large databases.

With the help of data mining research Guidance, you can get all latest topic related to readymade data mining thesis.I have found a very interesting subject: "Predicting customer churn using decision tree" or either "Predicting employee turnover using decision tree", I looked around very hard but unfortunately couldn't find any relevant dataset to download (Telecommunication Customer churn Dataset ).I would like to work on a similar subject using "Decision Tree Technique".We had a rare opportunity to work on real commercial data sets and have the results of our research deployed in practice.Throughout this thesis we describe some of the challenges that data miners (or data scientists) meet when working on business problems and our solutions to these problems.Data Mining Data Mining is the process of analyzing large data-sets to identify trends and patterns in the data.The data can be generated through different sources such as social media, websites, transactions, mobile devices, etc.Moreover, the domain of data mining has been introducing numerous integration and advancements in the fields of Statistics, Databases, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Capabilities.The unexceptionally large volumes of data in human life have made the data mining an indispensable component.Several domains where a large amount of data is stored in centralized or distributed databases and data mining thesis topics is found useful include the following: Data mining has been a potential tool to analyze data from distinctive points for retrieving useful information from chunks of raw data.Henceforth, it can help in predicting patterns or values, classification of data, categorization of data, finding correlations and patterns from the dataset.


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