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I decided to share my experience and have written this article which is dedicated to the students who may be thinking about creating a similar experience and to the teachers as kind of a methodological material.

In this article we’ll walk through an example of creating the website for the university’s faculty.

These websites are the best resources available online to those who need to buckle down and finish a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation.

It is impossible to do original research in any field without reading the work that has come before.

Top of Page From citing ancient maps in a bibliography to strictly following the relevant style guide for a specific discipline, there is a lot to keep track of when writing a heavily researched piece of work, and these tools can make it a bit easier.

Top of Page The only surefire way to get help is to ask for it, and many colleges and universities have writing centers dedicated to helping students who get stuck in the middle of a big writing project.Many students cruise through their master’s and Ph D coursework without breaking a sweat, only to be stonewalled when it comes time to write a long, in-depth dissertation that contributes original material to the student’s chosen field.Bluntly, finishing a thesis or dissertation is hard, and nobody can do it alone.I’ve separated it in three conditional parts: Gallery.Since it’s a Graphic Arts Department, I was needed to shoot photo content of outstanding works for both students and teachers.To avoid unpleasant template changing “on the run” it's necessary to care about it by projecting user interface of each page via schematic layouts.There are lots of free and commercial software and online tools for sketching mock-ups.For releasing gallery I’ve used Phoca gallery with two categories: student works and teacher works. File Repository for easily uploading and files via Media manager and inserting links in the content.Of course, in other cases it's possible to use any other 3rd party extension (even content plugin) to create such a feature. The design of the website is its facade and will be estimated by my Head of the thesis, deanery and soon the commission staff.There are dozens of online databases and scholarly search services that make it easier to track down previously published academic work in any discipline.Top of Page Writing and research styles can be completely different from one discipline to the next.


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