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Visit Stack Exchange I saw that some theses acknowledgements thanks God, so are there any rules or suggestions about that?Is it ok to do it for believers or just don't mention your religious affiliation in a scientific work?Is there a reference that says whether this is a good/bad practice?

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It's not uncommon for these to take an informal tone and have in-jokes directed at particular lab members, friends, and family how provided support. However, it is important that your readers (and especially your examiners) can read and understand some of it.

Specifically, they will check whether your supervisor(s) have been acknowledged.

If they aren't it can indicate that there were problems between the candidate and the supervisors (or that the thesis was completed and submitted without their oversight).

It depends on the examination process of your institution but your relationship with your supervisor and whether they supported submission of the final version could be looked into.

Make a conscious choice about what you want that impact to be (if any).

In contrast to an Acknowledgments section, the dedication should be short and to the point.

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Visit Stack Exchange How is it received by the readers to see the dedication in, say, Chinese, while the entire other parts of the thesis or a book is in English?

There's nothing wrong with thanking God or other religious figures, and it's not particularly unusual.

It could upset people if you use the acknowledgments as a place to expound religious doctrine, but no reasonable person would take offense at simply thanking God and I've never seen it cause any controversy.


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